Project Management Applications

We are dedicated to being not only our clients’ eyes and ears on a project, but also to being their hands-on managers, 24/7.

We begin our work in a project’s earliest phases. We select and oversee the design team, then coordinate work between and among the project’s planners, engineers, architects, landscape architects, environmental consultants, utility companies and public agencies.

By becoming involved at the very beginning of a project, we’re able to greatly reduce, and generally eliminate, the need for costly and non-productive re-design and other changes. This is value engineering at its most effective: anticipatory, realistic in terms of scheduling and prices, and inclusive.

We also manage the essential process of construction bidding and helping our clients select a contractor. We do this by first developing a clear definition of the scope of work and the client’s expectations for the project. This helps to ensure that the bids we receive are not only thorough but also competitive. Our experience in the construction industry — which includes our being a licensed general engineering contractor and having highly experienced staff — allows us to evaluate bidders on the basis of their skill and their record for delivering on their promises.

During the construction phase, we become our client’s exclusive representative, ensuring that work proceeds rapidly and safely, questions are answered accurately and promptly, that change orders are sensible and fairly priced and that the work performed matches or exceeds the work that was contracted for. Our priorities include open communications, complete documentation, fairness and firmness.