Project Management Applications

“The greatest risk on any project generally centers around ‘changes’ – especially those which are unanticipated. PMA’s broad project expertise which includes entitlements, engineering and construction, allows them to foresee and proactively address many issues, which could later develop into significant problems. Their forward thinking clearly identifies and avoids problems before they occur, and when there are problems, PMA works effectively with all parties to resolve them as quickly and inexpensively as possible. When we assess risk on a project prior to bidding, knowing that PMA is involved certainly reduces many of our concerns.”

Doug Urbick, President
Teichert Construction

“Seldom do you find the combination of planning, value engineering, budget controls, pre-construction and construction services in one firm. Project Management Applications offer this complete package of professional services that I have utilized on numerous projects. The benefit vs. cost to my clients has proved to be substantial.”

Terry Teeple, President
Pacific-Teal Development, LLC